Multiple Cloud

Multi-Cloud adapts to the ever-changing conditions of your business.
easily adapts. With its flexible features, it works on the basis of automatic scaling in line with infrastructure and service needs.

With the pay-as-you-go model, only the services used are charged, with no initial investment cost.

It provides fast access to IT infrastructure and service needs. It provides cost advantage and operational efficiency in periodical high volume transactions.

Number of Managed Cloud Services


Learn about the latest trends in cloud computing and their potential to increase your business' bottom line.
Technical Benefit
Financial Benefit
• Available 32(AWS),60(Azure) Regions
• 102(AWS),113(Azure) Availability Zone
• 250+ Cloud Services
• Continuous Access from Admin Portal
• Infrastructure Management with Automation Solutions

• CSP and EAS Agreement Models
• Business and Enterprise packages
• Online Mail(Exchange)
• Internal correspondence and collaboration areas(Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint)
• Office applications
• Security Products(EMS)
• Reporting Products

• CSP(Perpetual and Subscription) Packages
• OV, OVS, SPLA, EA and MPSA Agreement • Models
• Unified Support Package
• Windows Server, SQL, RDS Licenses
• Core and CAL Licensing
• Uninterrupted and Stable Infrastructure
• Professional Consulting
• Unlimited Resource Freedom
• Resource Based Billing

Virtual Machine

Uninterrupted and Stable Infrastructure

All systems used in the Nimbus Place infrastructure (Hypervisor, storage, network) are managed from a single point and with each new node added for expanding resource requirements, I/O, disk capacity, processing power are increased simultaneously, ensuring that you have an uninterrupted and stable virtualization platform.

Professional Consulting

In order to decide on the most suitable Nimbus Place products for your business needs, you can perform your needs analysis free of charge with our system engineers, so that you can easily have your server built with customized resource components.

Resource Freedom

Used in the Nimbus Place keel Classic with Hyper Converged technology that do not need storage topologies, all SSD disks Data thanks to All Flash architecture unlimited freedom in storage and experience the comfort of flexibility.

Source Based Invoicing

With Nimbus Place, create resource plans tailored to your business needs and pay only for what you need. Moreover, do not compromise on flexibility while optimizing your costs with TL pricing model and no-commitment contracts.


Cloud Migration

On-premise to Cloud and We are with you in your Cloud to Cloud migration


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Increase your productivity by getting rid of your operational burdens

Modern Infrastructure Transformation

Migrating from SaaS to PaaS increase business continuity


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