Modern Application
Infrastructure Project

Nimbus Works established a modern application infrastructure with AWS PaaS services to optimize our customer’s business processes and accelerate innovation. 

This project helped the client adapt to the rapidly changing business environment and increased its competitive advantage 

Challenges and Goals

Our client needed a change to overcome the limitations of its legacy infrastructure and deliver innovative solutions.

In this context, the main goals were to accelerate development processes, ensure scalability and increase business continuity by creating a modern application infrastructure.

Solution and Planning

As Nimbus Works, we analyzed our customer’s needs and offered a comprehensive solution using AWS’s PaaS services, which includes the following steps:

1. Application Deployment with AWS Elastic Beanstalk: AWS Elastic Beanstalk was used to simplify and automate application deployment processes. This allowed the customer to quickly launch and scale their applications.

2. Managed Database Service with Amazon RDS: Amazon RDS streamlined database management and helped the customer manage the database infrastructure quickly and securely.

3. Serverless Functionality with AWS Lambda: Integrated serverless functionality using AWS Lambda. This enabled the customer to more effectively manage the resources it needed to run and scale its code.

4. Security Management with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM): AWS IAM streamlines the management of security policies and provides complete control over customer access to resources.</u >

5. Coding Infrastructure with AWS CloudFormation: Used AWS CloudFormation to automate the management of the infrastructure. This enabled the infrastructure to be managed and reusable on a code-based basis.

Success and Benefits

Once this modernization project was completed, our customer received a number of significant benefits:

Fast Deployment and Update: Application deployment processes are accelerated with AWS Elastic Beanstalk and the updates were applied without any problems.

Scalability and Flexibility: Thanks to PaaS services, the customer can It was easily scalable and flexible.

Cost Optimization: AWS’s scalable features provide only what the customer needs It optimized costs by ensuring the use of resources.

Security and Compliance: With AWS’s security features and IAM, customer managed its infrastructure securely and adhered to compliance standards.